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UNIQUE SKY GENERAL TRADING(Joint Venture)-(Dubai, United Arab Emirates):
Is J.E.D Pharmaceuticals branch in UAE In order to cope with the growing demand of international market, the shippers and working partners, our branch was set up in Dubai in 2004. Our branch started its work as an import /export head quarters mainly concentrating on shipping, logistic and distribution both at Home and abroad.
ZIBACAR (Joint Venture)-(Tehran, Iran): 
ZIBACAR is one of our most successful and reliable affiliated companies with a long history of business in Middle East. Zibacar is one of the most reliable Distributor companies in region. They are mostly known as a leader of distribution of quality products including brand name and over the counter pharmaceutical products such as Advil and Centrum.
MedPharmix(Joint Venture)-(Southern California, USA):
Medpharmix is our partner and affiliate in North America utilizing many years of experience in healthcare services, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products. Medpharmix provides business development and marketing strategy services within the region. Medpharmix also acts as a liaison for manufacturing companies trying to connect to the international market in order to increase market share profitability and product benefit awareness at the local and international level.



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